Photo Printing with Photolightning Software

May 10th, 2008

One of Photolightning’s great features is its printing capabilities. We designed Photolightning to make it easy to make borderless prints, print album pages, create before and after pages, and much more.

Re-ordering your photos prior to printing: From Step 3: Print, email, and share, click and drag a photo until your mouse cursor is between two photos. You will see the cursor change to a plus sign. Release the mouse button and your photo will be placed in the new location. Using te method, you can easily place photos into a specific order for printing.

Making borderless prints: From Step 3: Print, email, and share, click on the Print Photos button and you will see the print preview screen. From the list on the top left, you can select the print size you want to make. Photolightning supports all of the standard borderless print sizes. You can make borderless prints such as a 4 x 6 inch print on a 4 x 6 inch piece of photo paper, or print on a larger sheet to cut out or “punch out” your photos. Photolightning supports many different photo papers that have perforated edges.

Digital photo printing screenshot: 4x6

Printing Album pages and Before/After photos:Photolightning makes it easy to print entire album pages which can save a lot of time or make it easy to create before and after photos. To print an album page, select the Album pages icon from the Print size list and then select the appropriate template from the Template Layout list. If you have entered captions for your photos, you can have Photolightning place them below each photo (or on top of the photo) by checking the Place date/text/time box.

Some “hidden gen” features.

Compose your prints with zoom and pan: From Photolightning’s print preview window, you can left-click on a photo to drag it up or down to change the portion of the photo you will see when it is printed. If you right click the photo, you can zoom your photo in to give you more flexibility with its composition (see image below)

Go from this

1-up 4 x 6 photo before composing

6-up album page with captions before composing

To this — with just one click!

1-up 4 x 6 photo
Right click to zoom and pan!

6-up album page with captions
Right click to zoom and pan!

Place text onto your prints: To place text onto your photos, place a checkbox in the box labeled Place date/text/time on Photolightning’s print preview window. You can place the captions you entered for your photos or use the filenames. To change colors, font, or point size, click on the Settings button.

Change print quantities for individual photos: On Step 3: Print, email, and share, click on the thumbwheel below each photo to change the print quantity for each photo. This makes it easy to print 1 copy of some photos, 2 copies of others, and 3 copies of others.

Hopefully, you will find some of these hints helpful the next time you need to print your photos.

The Best Way to Email Digital Photos

April 29th, 2008

This is our first blog post. In this blog we hope to share some best practices that we have learned over time about how to best use Photolightning. We’ll be covering a variety of topics in this blog to try to help out our users. Let’s get started.

One of the more popular features of Photolightning is emailing photos. When we listened to our users, they told us that the most important email features they were looking for is to be able to reduce the size of photos to make emailing faster, and to place the photos directly into the body of an email. Using Photolightning to send emails is easy. All you need to is to select the photos you want to email, click on Step 2: Label to add captions if you would like them to appear below your photos. Next click on Step 3: Print, email, and share, and click on the Email Photos button.

At this point you will see a preview of your email. You can select from a variety of templates for business (review, real estate), or a number of fun templates. One of the most useful templates is the ‘Review’ templates, which allows you to send out images for review, and get comments back from your customers.

Feedback email template

If you are a Real Estate broker, you can create an HMTL version of your business card within Photolightning and include the “business card” when you send out photos.

real estate email

If you want to attach photos instead of placing them in the email, you can do that as well. You can even place photos into a ZIP file.

When you are ready to send your photos, press the Email photos button!

I hope you find this post and other upcoming posts helpful.